Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2011

Treavor found his Pumpkin, now to get it on the cart.
HaiLee found her pumpkin and she actually got it on the cart
TJ found his first pumpkin, but at the end this is not the one that he HAD to have. 
Silly Kids and grandparents!
TJ's 2nd pumpkin that he had to have,  but again, this is not the one that he brought home.
OK so this is the pumpkin that he came home with i think.  I kinda lost track.
just a picture of the perfect pumpkin to me. 

ok so these are the pumpkins that they all finally decided on and actually brought home.
TJ and Grandpa. 
Mom and Dad. 
HaiLee fell in the mud so she is a little muddy but here she is with grandpa.  The boots got thrown away after this trip.  They were too small and really worn so it was a good final trip for the good old boots.

my mom  showing off her gourds :)

HaiLee actually stole grandpas hat.  I think this is the first and last time this happens.
Come on kids get in between those pumpkins for a great picture.  Kids:  Do we have too, Me YES!!!  i won!!!

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Denise said...

those pictures are awesome Tab.