Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2011

Treavor found his Pumpkin, now to get it on the cart.
HaiLee found her pumpkin and she actually got it on the cart
TJ found his first pumpkin, but at the end this is not the one that he HAD to have. 
Silly Kids and grandparents!
TJ's 2nd pumpkin that he had to have,  but again, this is not the one that he brought home.
OK so this is the pumpkin that he came home with i think.  I kinda lost track.
just a picture of the perfect pumpkin to me. 

ok so these are the pumpkins that they all finally decided on and actually brought home.
TJ and Grandpa. 
Mom and Dad. 
HaiLee fell in the mud so she is a little muddy but here she is with grandpa.  The boots got thrown away after this trip.  They were too small and really worn so it was a good final trip for the good old boots.

my mom  showing off her gourds :)

HaiLee actually stole grandpas hat.  I think this is the first and last time this happens.
Come on kids get in between those pumpkins for a great picture.  Kids:  Do we have too, Me YES!!!  i won!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Treavors Birthday

Treavors Birthday was a lot of fun.  He wanted to have a party with friends so we went to a U fish place in Orting.  Bills Fishing Hole I believe was the name and it was a huge success.  Every kid got to bring home at least 2 trout that they caught.  He also got a tshirt for the birthday boy. 
Treavor is such a great kid.  He has brought me so many laughs.  Here are the 10 things that make Treavor, Treavor

1.  He Loves to cuddle his mom
2.  He improved so much in school
3.  He loves to read, and to be read too
4.  He gets up super early and does his chores, gets dressed
5.  He Makes me laugh on a daily basis
6.  He is a gentleman, opens my doors
7.  Always is eager to help make dinner or what ever i am doing
8.  He loves his brother and sister
9.  He loves to practice his Ninja and Spy skills
10. I love him so much!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Last day of 5th grade and 1st grade

 HaiLee getting her pin for the citizen award that she received.  So proud of her for getting this award!

 Yvonne and HaiLee, Yvonne is such a great friend to HaiLee and is so supportive of all she does, We are very blessed to have Yvonne in our lives. 

HaiLee and TJ on 5th grade graduation day,  TJ is on a lower step that is why he looks so much shorter. 

This is their cake,  it had the whole 5th grade class on it, way cool!! couldnt figure out how to put it the other way :)

So now that I am done with such an emotional day of having my kids promoted to 6th grade it makes me feel so happy that they are so well rounded as kids.  They did a video of the 5th grade and it was so fun to see all the pictures looking back at how much they have grown.  TJ has really became an excellent student.  He got great grades and has many friends and loves his sports.  Is so nice to have teachers come up to me and tell me how much they like my kids.  It means alot to me that they go out of their way to tell me this.  HaiLee got a citizenship award and it is for being a well behaved student.  She was never in trouble all 6 years she has attended elementary school.  So proud of her as well that she is so well behaved and that she got great grades as well.  She has many great friends and loves school.  Treavor also did really well this year and again every adult, teacher and staff know Treavor because he is always there to help out when needed.  He holds the doors open for the ladies ( that what he calls them).  Alot of them tell me that they wish they could take my kids home.  Dont get me wrong i do know they do have their quarks but this is a bragging post and so that is what it is.  I am so proud of them and so grateful that they are mine!!!